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We appreciate your hard work climbing and fundraising! Thank you!

Don't forget to tell potential sponsors that they will get a tax receipt for all donations of $20 or more.

And for every $100 you raise*, you receive a draw entry for a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Churchill to see polar bears, courtesy of our friends at Frontiers North Adventures!
Contest Rules

Fundraising Rewards**

Raise: $5,000+
- Receive $500 MEC gift card

Raise: $2,500
- Receive $250 Sears gift card

Raise: $1,000
-Receive $100 MEC gift card

Raise: $750
- Receive $75 Chapters Indigo gift card

Raise: $500
- Receive $50 Jump gift card (with multiple retail selections to choose from)

Raise: $250
- Receive Cineplex Night Out for two

Raise: $100
- Receive WWF Wildlife plush

Register and raise $100 between the following dates and you could win a $50 Jump gift card with hundreds of retailers to choose from!

Incentive Prizing Schedule Item Winner
December 22 to Feb 26 $50 JUMP card Dominik Golonka
Feb 27 to March 4 $50 JUMP card Ruth Kanagasabey
March 5 to March 11 $50 JUMP card Nelson Bodnarchuk
March 12 to March 18 $50 JUMP card Gillian Perras
March 19 to March 25 $50 JUMP card Julia Shulist

Both your online and offline donations received by WWF on or before Friday, April 20th at 7 a.m. as well as any pledges you bring to the climb will count towards your eligibility for incentive prizes.
 * Exclusive of the registration fee
** Prizes are not cumulative. WWF-Canada reserves the right to substitute prizes.

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