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Why Climb the CN Tower?

Saying you've climbed one of the world's tallest and Toronto's most recognized landmark is one good reason.

The 22nd annual Canada Life CN Tower Climb for WWF-Canada is an exciting and exhilarating event you don’t want to miss. That’s another good reason.

You'll also get the chance to win amazing prizes! That's a fantastic third reason.

But there is more at stake. When you climb, you're making a difference. When you tackle the CN Tower climb, you are also helping WWF-Canada achieve major conservation victories.

When you climb the CN Tower or sponsor a climber, your support will help WWF:

  • Protect fragile ecosystems
  • Educate for real change
  • Ensure industry plays its part
  • Influence government on behalf of all Canadians
  • Protect the species and spaces that make Canada the envy of the world
So, you help our planet and have fun! Make the Climb your tradition every April.

Don't delay…register today! SPACE IS LIMITED! Online registration is fast, easy and secure. We will keep you up-to-date with our latest news and help you fundraise. It's as easy as 1-2-3.

Don't think you can do it? Don’t worry. Most people take between 30-40 minutes to climb the CN Tower. Take your time, go at your own pace and you will be at the top before you know it. You can take a short break on the landings if you need to. We have trained medical staff inside the staircase to encourage you to the top of the CN Tower.

Read some great stories from our climbers and volunteers.

WWF-Canada is part of the global conservation network (World Wildlife Fund). Its mission is to stop the degradation of the planet's natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature.

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